Smart Q&A Game

Imagine to be a tourist and to have an innovative application for your smart-phone that allows you to quickly request and obtain information in real time with the help of local citizens who, through their experience, make their time and their knowledge available to the visitors during their tours…

Scenario 3: Q&A Game

Scenario 3: Q&A Game

SmartSociety Features:
• Real-time positioning (WP3): Real time information are used by tourists to follow virtual guides suggestions, such as schedules, itineraries, At the same time, once users reach a specific point of interest, virtual guides can communicate with them providing the appropriate service, like useful information on the location or translation services.
• Peer profiling (WP4): Tourists profile information are used to connect with virtual guides with similar interests and suitable knowledge to provide needed information, in order to create a completely personalized experience
• Incentives (WP5): virtual tour guides are motivated by the opportunity to be helpful to other people and by getting positive feedback for their knowledge.

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