Research Outline

The work plan for SmartSociety has been structured into a set of 11 work packages (WPs), each of them focused on a particular research domain. The figure below presents the overall structure of the WPs.


WPs are logically grouped into four clusters. The first cluster (including WP1: Interdisciplinary Foundations and WP2: Modelling Framework) deals with the definition of foundational properties and fundamental as well as computational models of operations and dynamics of Hybrid and Diversity-Aware Collective Adaptive Systems (HDA-CASs). The second cluster of WPs (WP3-WP6) is of scientific nature, and addresses the four fundamental scientific issues investigated within the scope of the SmartSociety project:

The outcome of WP3-WP6 activities will be “actionable principles” for the design and management of HDA-CASs.

The third cluster of WPs are more technology-oriented, being devoted to the development of effective programming models for hybrid CASs and to the realisation of appropriate platforms, toolkits and proof-of-concept demonstrators for validating the project’s scientific outcomes in realistic environments. This includes WP7: Programming Models and Frameworks, WP8: Architecture and Integration and WP9: Proof of Concept and Validation. The last cluster includes supporting activities, including consortium management and coordination (WP11: Project management and consortium coordination) as well as dissemination, collaboration and exploitation activities (WP10: Dissemination, Collaboration and Exploitation).

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