Smart Treasure Hunt

Imagine to be a tourist and to have an innovative application for your smart-phone that allows you to take part in a treasure hunt within the city, by suggesting the best places to visit according to your profile and your personal interests, and to win real prizes such as discount coupons for museums, exhibitions, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Scenario 2: Smart Treasure Hunt

Scenario 2: Smart Treasure Hunt

SmartSociety Features:
• Real-time positioning (WP3): Real time information, such as weather conditions, congestion, etc., are used by the Treasure Hunt app to skip or include point of interests to the game.
• Peer profiling (WP4): the information provided by the users in their tourist profiles is important to receive personalized suggestions from tourism apps about the points of interest to visit.
• Incentives (WP5): The opportunity to win real rewards, such as discounts coupons, motivates people to join tourism apps.

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