HAIDM 2014 Proceedings

Long talks:

Amos Azaria, Sarit Kraus, Claudia Goldman and Kobi Gal. Advice Provision for Choice Selection Processes with Ranked Options
Peter Wallis, Keeley Crockett and Claire Little. When Things Go Wrong
Avshalom Elmalech, David Sarne and Noa Agmon. Peer Designed Agents: Just reflect or also affect?
Chen Hajaj and David Sarne. Strategic Information Platforms – Selective Disclosure and The Price of “Free”
Nader Hanna and Deborah Richards. “Building a Bridge”: Communication, Trust and Commitment in Human-Intelligent Virtual Agent Teams
Arif Tuna Ozgelen and Elizabeth I. Sklar. Toward a Human-Centric Task Complexity Model for Interaction with Multi-Robot Teams
Frank Verberne, Jaap Ham and Cees Midden. Familiar faces: Trust in a facially similar agent
Galit Haim, Kobi Gal, Bo An and Sarit Kraus. Equilibrium Strategies for Human-Computer Negotiation in 3-player market settings
Sarvapali Ramchurn, Feng Wu, Wenchao Jiang, Joel Fischer, Steven Reece, Chris Greenhalgh, Stephen Roberts, Tom Rodden and Nick Jennings. Human-Agent Collaboration for Real-World Disaster Response
Francesco Delle Fave, Matthew Brown, Chao Zhang, Eric Shieh, Albert Jiang and Milind Tambe. Security Games in the Field: Deployments on a Transit System

Short talks:

Alper Alan, Enrico Costanza, Joel Fisher, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Tom Rodden and Nicholas Jennings. A Field Study of Human-Agent Interaction for Electricity Tariff Switching
Rui Prada and Ana Paiva. Human-Agent Interaction: Challenges for Bringing Humans and Agents Together
Avi Rosenfeld. NegoChat: A Chat-Based Negotiation Agent
Joana Campos and Ana Paiva. Interactive Social Agents from Deep Data
Robert Axtell. A Boundedly Rational Human Turns Off a Rational Assistant in Finite Time with Probability 1
Hirotaka Osawa. Sustainable Relationship with a Product using Anthropomorphization
Kobi Gal. EduRank: Personalization in E-Learning using Social Choice and Collaborative Filtering
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The 2014 Human-Agent Interaction and Design Models (HAIDM) workshop took place on the 6th of May 2014 and was co-located with AAMAS 2014. HAIDM 2014 was co-organised by SmartSociety. You can find the original posts with the list of talks here and the detailed programme here.

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