HAIDM 2015 Proceedings

Avraham Shvartzon, Amos Azaria, Sarit Kraus, Claudia Goldman, Joachim Meyer and Omer Tsimhoni. Worth Fixing: Personalizing Maintenance Alerts for Optimal Performance
Avi Segal, Robert Simpson, Victoria Homsy, Mark Hartswood, Kevin Page, Marina Jirotka and Kobi Gal. Improving Productivity in Citizen Science through Controlled Intervention
Tânia Marques and Michael Rovatsos. Toward Domain-Independent Dialogue Planning
Walter Lasecki, Mitchell Gordon, Jaime Teevan, Ece Kamar and Jeffrey Bigham. CrowdMask: Privacy-Preserving Crowd-Powered Systems
Virginia Dignum, Frank Dignum and Catholijn Jonker. Social Aspects of Joint Actions: from analysis to design of social actions
Sebastian Ahrndt, Johannes Fähndrich and Sahin Albayrak. Modelling of Personality in Agents: From Psychology to Implementation
Mark Ebden, Trung Dong Huynh, Luc Moreau and Stephen Roberts. Incentive Engineering through Subgraph Matching – with Application to Task Allocation
The promise and peril of anthropomorphizing agents – Keynote by John Gratch
Mor Vered and Gal Kaminka. If You Can Draw It, You Can Recognize It: Mirroring For Sketch Recognition
Debarun Kar, Fei Fang, Francesco Delle Fave, Nicole Sintov and Milind Tambe. Conducting Longitudinal Experiments with Behavioral Models in Repeated Stackelberg Security Games on Amazon Mechanical Turk
Pinja Haikka, Jacob Sherson, Jens Jacob Sorensen and Mads Kock Pederson. Solving hard quantum problems with human-computer collaboration
Walter Lasecki, Jaime Teevan and Ece Kamar. What’s Your Price? The Cost of Asking Crowd Workers to Behave Maliciously
Alper Alan, Enrico Costanza, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Joel Fischer, Tom Rodden and Nicholas Jennings. Evaluating Human-Agent Interaction in the Wild
Mariusz Żytniewski and Bartosz Kopka. The proposition of agents’ usability analysis method based on an analysis of Polish enterprises
Feyza Hafizoglu and Sandip Sen. Evaluating Trust Levels in Human-agent Teamwork in Virtual Environments
Yossi Ben David, Avi Segal, and Kobi Gal. Adapting Bayesian Knowledge Tracing to e-Learning Systems in Real Classrooms
Nader Hanna and Deborah Richards. In the Agent we Trust! The Role of Personality and Cognition in Human Trust in Virtual Agents
George Kampis and Paul Lukowicz. Collaborative Recognition
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The 2015 Human-Agent Interaction and Design Models (HAIDM) workshop took place on the 4th of May 2015 and was co-located with AAMAS 2015. HAIDM 2015 was co-organised by SmartSociety. You can find the original post with the detailed programme here.

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