Smart Tour Guide

Imagine to be a tourist and to have an innovative application for your smart-phone that allows you to quickly find a real tour guide that suits you, in other words, an expert who offers you a customized tour in the city where you are, and together with other like-minded people, according to your profile and your interests…

Scenario 1: Smart Tour Guide

Scenario 1: Smart Tour Guide

Smart Society Features:
• Real-time positioning (WP3): Real time information can help business (e.g. restaurants) to coordinate with the tour guide, knowing if the current tour is in time and the tour guide as well can use real time information, such as weather conditions, congestion, etc., to skip or add point of interests to the itinerary and to catch the right moment.
• Peer profiling (WP4): the information provided by the users in their profiles is important to provide them good quality services by producing good matches and find good candidate  peers to perform a task. Users specified such information in their “tourist profile” in order to receive personalized offers for tours.
• Incentives (WP5): tour guides are motivated by the ability to enjoy the tours they conduct, by money, meeting interesting people, getting positive feedback for their tours and learning from the people they meet.

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