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Founded in February 2004, Imaginary is a private company within the Innovation Network of the University Politecnico di Milano, with more than 25 staff members and active on European scale. The main area of activity is the design and development of technology-enhanced learning solutions in knowledge intensive organizations, including the design and development of simulation systems, Serious Games and Virtual Worlds. Imaginary’s team comprises diverse competences, with a strong focus on technology (in particular on open source approaches, web and mobile applications development and user requirement analysis), but also with competences on learning methodology and pedagogy. Imaginary has experience in EU-scale projects, having been involved in several EU-funded projects (e.g. iSPECTRUM, ImREAL, MIRROR, MODES, VOICES, E-VITA, eLSe Academy, PROLIX, PROLEARN, SUPERHUB). Within such initiatives Imaginary’s role has typically been in the design and development of complex service-oriented architectures, focusing on serious-games based solutions, for different target groups and on different devices, with different learning objectives ranging from the cultural to the medical and social sectors.

Role in the Project

Imaginary will be leading WP9, where proof-of-concepts of the SmartSociety principles and technologies will be developed and validated with real users. As partner in the project consortium Imaginary will have a strong role in the specification, design and integration of the proposed solution architecture and technological infrastructure by also contributing to the definition of user-centred scenarios, the elicitation of user and technical requirement as well as to the research concerning innovative serious games-based learning/training methodologies to be applied by the project. Imaginary will also participate to the dissemination activities and, as an industrial (SME) partner will contribute to business modelling and exploitation planning activities.

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Lucia Pannese

Lucia Pannese