When People Meet Machines to Build a Smarter Society

Society is progressively moving towards a socio-technical ecosystem in which the physical and virtual dimensions of life are more and more intertwined and where people interaction, more often than not, takes place with or is mediated by machines.

Our goal is to move towards hybrid systems where people and machines tightly work together to build a smarter society. We envision a new generation of Collective Adaptive Systems where humans and machines synergically complement each other and operate collectively to achieve their, possibly conflicting, goals, but which also exhibit an emergent behaviour that is in line with their designers’ objectives.

We are organising “Innovation in the Sharing Economy” in Berlin, Germany, on the 15th of February. The event will bringing together innovators, business angels, business developers, major industries, venture capitalists and technologists all looking forward to the next market to be disrupted thanks to a sharing economy approach.

We are providing open source access to our toolkit for developing Collective Adaptive System applications! Learn more about SmartCollectives here!

SmartSociety partnered up with ESSENCE to organise the International Workshop on Diversity-Aware Artificial Intelligence (DIVERSITY 2016) at ECAI 2016.

For more, watch our Introduction to Smart Society video. Further, have a look at the SmartShare app, or our SmartSociety Science Café Video Series, where our researchers talk about the project and their work! If you happen to be living in the district of Crema, Italy, you can also subscribe (here) to use our newly released Ride-Sharing app!