Building Sense in the Infosphere

Abstract. The physical space is populated with sense, which is gathered, manipulated and reinvented during its interpretation. Here is proposed a provisional list on how sense  imbricates places and some possible ways of making use of it for design purposes can be argued. Memory, emotions, reflexivity, sociality, and bewildering therefore become  qualities that can be explored in the physical space from HCI.

Author Keywords: Sense making, physical space, spatial reasoning, memory, emotions, reflexivity, sociality, bewildering.

ACM Classification Keywords: Design, Human Factors, Theory.

Citation: S. Torsi (2013). Building Sense in the Infosphere. In Giaccardi, E.,Ciolfi, L., Hornecker, E., Speed, C., Bardzell, S. (2013) CHI 2013 Workshop “Exploration in Social Interaction Design”. Paris (FR), 28th. April 2013.


About P. Andreadis

Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant in AI and Social Computation @ University of Edinburgh.

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