SmartSociety Science Café: Interview with Luc Moreau

SmartSociety has a new Youtube channel: SmartSocietyFP7! In the beginning of what is to become a series of discussions and interviews named SmartSociety Science Café, Daniele Miorandi interviews Prof. Luc Moreau from the University of Southampton.

Prof. Moreau gives an overview of his current research interests, explaining the concepts of Reputation and Provenance and how their integration into applications can make the latter more trustworthy for the end user. He illustrates an example in the context of the SmartSociety project and talks about the integration of a Provenance Architecture into Collective Adaptive Systems, and designing a new Reputation System. The interview continues with the topic of how explanations to computations can be provided to users through these technologies, and ends with a discussion on his motivations and expected impact from joining SmartSociety.

You can watch the complete 7 minute interview below, or directly on Youtube, here.

About P. Andreadis

Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant in AI and Social Computation @ University of Edinburgh.

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