Privacy in Social Collective Intelligence Systems

Abstract: The impact of Social Collective Intelligent Systems (SCIS) on the individual right of privacy is discussed in this chapter under the light of the relevant privacy principles of the European Data Protection Legal Framework and the OECD Privacy Guidelines. This chapter analyzes the impact and limits of profiling, provenance and reputation on the right of privacy and review the legal privacy protection for profiles. From the technical perspective, we discuss opportunities and challenges for designing privacy-preserving systems for SCIS concerning collectives and decentralized systems. Furthermore, we present a selection of privacy-enhancing technologies that are relevant for SCIS including anonymous credentials, transparency-enhancing tools and the PrimeLife Policy Language (PPL) and discuss how these technologies can help to enforce the main legal principles of the European Data Protection Legal Framework.

Citation: Fischer-Hübner, S. and Martucci, L. A., “Privacy in Social Collective Intelligence Systems”, in Miorandi, D., Maltese, V., Rovatsos, M., Nijholt., A. and Stewart, J. (eds) Social collective intelligence: Combining the powers of humans and machines Springer, 2014.


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