Ontology-Based Obfuscation and Anonymisation for Privacy

Abstract: Healthcare Information Systems typically fall into the group of systems in which the need of data sharing conflicts with the privacy. A myriad of these systems have to, however, constantly communicate among each other. One of the ways to Continue reading

Context-aware Programming for Hybrid and Diversity-aware Collective Adaptive Systems

Abstract: Collective adaptive systems (CASs) have been researched intensively since many years. However, the recent emerging developments and advanced models in service-oriented computing, cloud computing and human computation have fostered several new forms of CASs. Among them, Hybrid and Diversity-aware Continue reading

Towards the ethical governance of Smart Society

Abstract: This chapter is concerned with how social order is established within collectives and the ethical problems that arise when we attempt to create and direct collectives towards particular ends. It draws on our work to establish governance principles for Continue reading

Privacy in Social Collective Intelligence Systems

Abstract: The impact of Social Collective Intelligent Systems (SCIS) on the individual right of privacy is discussed in this chapter under the light of the relevant privacy principles of the European Data Protection Legal Framework and the OECD Privacy Guidelines. Continue reading

Social Collective Intelligence: Combining the Powers of Humans and Machines to Build a Smarter Society

About: The book focuses on Social Collective Intelligence, a term used to denote a class of socio-technical systems that combine, in a coordinated way, the strengths of humans, machines and collectives in terms of competences, knowledge and problem solving capabilities Continue reading