SmartNurse: Smart Society’s vision of future nursing

We have released the video above which demonstrates the practical applications of our research in emergency care situations. In this case study, nurses or student nurses wearing a Smart-Assistant (in this example Smart-Eye-Ware) are attempting to resuscitate a patient (doll). Continue reading

Ontology-Based Obfuscation and Anonymisation for Privacy

Abstract: Healthcare Information Systems typically fall into the group of systems in which the need of data sharing conflicts with the privacy. A myriad of these systems have to, however, constantly communicate among each other. One of the ways to Continue reading

City of Beats: Analysing Flânerie as a Practice for Living the Physical Space

Abstract: The flâneur is the urban vagabond in search of experiences and inspirations from serendipitously exploring a city environment. This construct is put beside post-modern stances about the suburban areas built and populated after the Second World War industrialization, along Continue reading

Healthcare data safe havens: towards a logical architecture and experiment automation

Abstract: In computing science, much attention has been paid to generic methods for sharing data in secure infrastructures. These sorts of methods and infrastructures are, of course, necessary for sharing healthcare data. The authors are, however, a long way away Continue reading

Search and Analytics Challenges in Digital Libraries and Archives

Abstract: Public institutions, such as universities, maintain data in several information silos, each of them engineered to serve a specific vertical application. Data about key entities—such as people, publications, courses, projects—is scattered across them and difficult to correlate due to Continue reading