Search and Analytics Challenges in Digital Libraries and Archives

Abstract: Public institutions, such as universities, maintain data in several information silos, each of them engineered to serve a specific vertical application. Data about key entities—such as people, publications, courses, projects—is scattered across them and difficult to correlate due to the diversity in format, metadata, conventions, and terminology used. In such a scenario, nowadays it is practically impossible to correlate data and support advanced search and analytics facilities, in turn vital to identify institutional priorities and support institutional strategic goals, as well as to offer effective data visualization and navigation services to their users (e.g., researchers, students, alumni, companies).

Citation: Vincenzo Maltese and Fausto Giunchiglia. 2016. Search and Analytics Challenges in Digital Libraries and Archives. J. Data and Information Quality 7, 3, Article 10 (August 2016), 3 pages. DOI:


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