Ridesharing on Timetabled Transport Services: A Multiagent Planning Approach

Abstract: Ridesharing, that is, the problem of finding parts of routes that can be shared by several travelers with different points of departure and destinations, is a complex, multiagent decision-making problem. The problem has been widely studied but only for Continue reading

Semantics and Provenance for Accountable Smart City Applications, The Role of Semantics in Smart Cities

Abstract: The recent media focus on Smart City services, particularly ride sharing, that provide ordinary users with the ability to advertise their resources has highlighted society’s need for transparent and accountable systems. Current systems offer little transparency behind their processes Continue reading

A Single-Agent Approach to Multiagent Planning

Abstract: In this paper we present a novel approach to multiagent planning in domains with concurrent actions and associated concurrent action constraints. In these domains, we associate the actions of individual agents with subsets of objects, which allows for a Continue reading

International Workshop on Diversity-Aware Artificial Intelligence (DIVERSITY 2016) at ECAI 2016

Organisers Background Description Submissions Important dates Agenda Financial Support Committees The Hague, Netherlands, 29th August 2016, ECAI 2016 *** Daily Agenda is now out *** Organisers Michael Rovatsos, The University of Edinburgh, mrovatso@inf.ed.ac.uk Ronald Chenu-Abente, University of Trento, chenu@disi.unitn.it Background Diversity Continue reading

Toward Domain-Independent Dialogue Planning

This work was presented at HAIDM 2015. The 2015 workshop on Human-Agent Interaction Design and Models was co-organised by SmartSociety. Abstract: While the development of techniques that allow artificial agents to engage in dialogue with humans has received a lot Continue reading