Towards the ethical governance of Smart Society

Abstract: This chapter is concerned with how social order is established within collectives and the ethical problems that arise when we attempt to create and direct collectives towards particular ends. It draws on our work to establish governance principles for Smart Society—an EU project aiming to engineer Collective Adaptive Systems comprised of people and machines with diverse capabilities and goals that are able to tackle societal grand challenges. We examine how social values are implicated in and transformed by Collective Adaptive Systems, and suggest approaches to multilevel governance design that are responsive to emergent capabilities and sensitive to conflicting perspectives. Finally we illustrate our approach with a worked example of a sensor-based system in a care setting.

Citation: Hartswood, M., Grimpe, B., and Jirotka, M., “Towards the ethical governance of Smart Society”, In Miorandi, D., Maltese, V., Rovatsos, M., Nijholt., A. and Stewart, J. (eds) Social collective intelligence: Combining the powers of humans and machines Springer, 2014.


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Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant in AI and Social Computation @ University of Edinburgh.

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