About P. Andreadis

Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant in AI and Social Computation @ University of Edinburgh.

Implementing Innovation in the SmartSociety Project – Insights into the Lessons Learnt from the SmartShare Mobility App

–by Lucia Pannese and David Wortley Introduction and Background The SmartSociety project funded by the European Union (www.smart-society-project.eu) investigates the socio-technical ecosystem towards which we are moving, and in which interaction between humans is more and more mediated by machines. To do Continue reading

Highlights on innovation in the sharing economy – Event report

-by Daniele Miorandi The sharing economy is proving a major game-changer in a number of different markets, shaking traditional assumptions and disrupting well-established value chains, all based upon the notion of providing ‘access’ to goods and services rather than ownership. Continue reading

Privacy and Social Values in Smart Cities

Abstract: Privacy, a fundamental human right, is a key nonfunctional requirement to every electronic service and applications designed for smart societies. Informational privacy, the right of individuals to control information related to them, in smart societies is at the core Continue reading

A Templating System to Generate Provenance

Abstract: PROV-Template is a declarative approach that enables designers and programmers to design and generate provenance compatible with the PROV standard of the World Wide Web Consortium. Designers specify the topology of the provenance to be generated by composing templates, which Continue reading