Adapting interaction environments to diverse users through online action set selection

Abstract: Interactive interfaces are a common feature of many systems ranging from field robotics to video games. In most applications, these interfaces must be used by a heterogeneous set of users, with substantial variety in effectiveness with the same interface Continue reading

Evaluating Trust Levels in Human-agent Teamwork in Virtual Environments

This work was presented at HAIDM 2015. The 2015 workshop on Human-Agent Interaction Design and Models was co-organised by SmartSociety. Abstract: With the improvement in agent technology and agent capabilities we foresee increasing use of agents in social contexts and, Continue reading

On the Elasticity of Social Compute Units

Abstract. Advances in human computation bring the feasibility of utilizing human capabilities as services. On the other hand, we have witnessed emerging collective adaptive systems which are formed from heterogeneous types of compute units to solve complex problems. The recently Continue reading