The Dilemma of Human-Like Collective Systems

Abstract: Researchers that study Human-Like computing mainly aim to understand how systems can emulate human cognitive performance. However, when Human-Like systems are designed for sharing economy applications in which humans have to collaborate in order to achieve a desired task, there are several problems that needs to be addressed before asking how cognitive performance of a single human can be emulated. In this paper, we highlight these problems, provide examples related to the ridesharing scenario, and introduce how we approach these problems and which techniques we are using to tackle them.

Citation: S.Ceppi. The Dilemma of Human-Like Collective Systems. In S. Muggleton et al, editor, Twentieth Workshop on Machine Intelligence (MI 20), Windsor Park, UK, 23-25 October, 2016. In press.


About P. Andreadis

Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant in AI and Social Computation @ University of Edinburgh.

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