Automated Incentive Management for Social Computing – Foundations, Models, Tools and Algorithms

Abstract: Human participation in socio-technical systems is overgrowing conventional crowdsourcing where humans solve simple, independent tasks. Novel systems are attempting to leverage humans for more intellectually challenging tasks, involving longer lasting worker engagement and complex collaboration patterns. Controllability of such Continue reading

Managing Incentives in Social Computing Systems with PRINGL

Abstract: Novel web-based socio-technical systems require incentives for efficient management and motivation of human workers taking part in complex collaborations. Incentive management techniques used in existing crowdsourcing platforms are not suitable for intellectually-challenging tasks; platform-specific solutions prevent both workers from Continue reading

A new paradigm for the study of corruption across cultures

Abstract: Corruption frequently occurs in many aspects of multi-party interaction between private agencies and government employees. Past works studying corruption in a lab context have explicitly included covert or illegal activities in participants’ strategy space or have relied on surveys Continue reading